Amid Daily Challenges – Joy!

Posted on May 3, 2018

Sarah with the Vushitsulya Friends Women Group

Sara Northrop shares stories from her visit to Kenya

I have been Program Director for Right Sharing of World Resources since 2013. My job involves supporting groups applying for Right Sharing grants as they navigate the process from application to completion of a project. Additionally, I act as the liaison for the three RSWR Field Representatives. This work requires lots of email correspondence with people in distant places. However, I had never actually visited the countries until January 2018, when I made my first visit to Kenya. I came back with a renewed appreciation for the importance of Right Sharing’s work.

Pumping water from a well in Kenya

It was humbling to see the reality of life in Kenya. The women we work with are diligent, generous, and tenacious, but they face significant challenges in their daily lives. From very early morning to late at night, these women work hard to make a living. Carrying water is a daily chore due to the lack of indoor plumbing. Cooking is done over an open fire or on little charcoal stoves. The women are also the ones who care for children and family members. They do all this in addition to running their businesses. Although daily existence is challenging, the Kenyans go about their life with a cheerful spirit and they imparted this spirit to me.

RSWR Trainer Pauline Andisi Musinga giving a training to a group of women

My trip was full of joy. I was especially touched by the generosity and welcome extended to me by the women. I was also excited to observe the new training initiative that Field Representative Samson Ababu is working to implement in Kenya, where RSWR is now offering Capacity Building and Business Management training for new groups. We are blessed to have such dedicated field teams committed to extending the power of our work beyond grant-giving.
Right Sharing views our work as a partnership among staff, field representatives, donors, and the organizations and individuals that we support. My visit to Kenya gave me a much deeper understanding of this partnership.