A Small but Mighty Ministry

Posted on Feb 27, 2018

For over 20 years, Right Sharing has been blessed to be supported by a special ministry: the Quaker Missions Stamp Project. This project has exemplified Right Sharing’s mission: work that engages the community to transform something modest but important.

The project was started in 1996 by Brad Hathaway of Mattapoisett Friends Meeting in Massachusetts. With help from a committee at his Meeting, Brad collected and sold stamps, the proceeds of which were sent to Quaker organizations including RSWR. Earl Walker of Claremont Friends Meeting in California took over the stamp ministry in 2009.

For the past eight years, Earl has faithfully served as the steward of the Quaker Missions Stamp Project. Many RSWR supporters and Meetings have sent Earl their large stockpiles of stamps over the years, in addition to other collectibles such as baseball cards and coin collections. Thanks to Earl’s generosity with his time and resources Right Sharing has received over $11,000 from recycled stamps since 2009! In 2017, Earl stepped back from the Quaker Missions Stamp Project. Right Sharing is so grateful to Earl for his service and support of Right Sharing’s work.

A New Home for the Stamp Project

Right Sharing is excited to announce that the new home of the Quaker Missions Stamp Project will be at Indianapolis Friends Meeting!

Coordinator Amy Perry (right) and First Friends member Linda Lee sort stamps.

Amy Perry is the current coordinator of the Stamp Project, and she has been hard at work sorting stamps, gathering a committee, and learning best practices from Earl.

We are so thankful she has stepped into this position with such grace and kindness, and are looking forward to learning where this new collaboration will lead us.

It has been beautiful to watch as the stamp ministry has become a community ministry; it is now under the care of First Friends’ Witness and Service Committee.

The First Friends youth group celebrate the variety and number of stamps

The First Friends Youth Group and Monday Meditational Group are also volunteering to help. The transition has been smoothed by the kindness and generosity of so many Friends who are interested in being of service to this ministry.

Get Involved

Mail stamps to:

Stamps for Right Sharing

c/o Indianapolis First Friends

3030 Kessler Blvd. East Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46220

If you have any questions about the stamp project, please contact the Right Sharing office at (765) 966-0314 or [email protected]