stamps imageSave your stamps for Right Sharing!


Through our partners at Quaker Missions West (formerly Quaker Missions) who sort, package and sell the stamps to collectors, well over $50,000 has been donated to Right Sharing of World Resources and other Quaker organizations via this project.


This project was begun in 1996 by Brad Hathaway from Mattapoisett Friends Meeting in Massachusetts. Brad was a retired stamp dealer and began to collect and sell stamps for Quaker Missions after his retirement. With help from a committee at his meeting, he was able to send thousands of dollars to Quaker service projects such as Right Sharing of World Resources, Friends World Committee for Consultation, Ramallah Play Center, Lugulu Hospital in Kenya, and the Quaker United Nations Office, to name just a few. Brad was forced to discontinue his service in 2009 due to ill health, but the project was taken over and continued by Earl Walker of Claremont Friends Meeting in California.


Almost all stamps are valuable, although some have greater value, particularly those from foreign countries. All stamps, domestic or foreign, are welcome. The new domestic Forever stamps that are currently being released are especially valuable.


Follow these simple instructions:

Stamps should be cut from envelopes with 1/8” to 1/4” of paper around the stamp. For foreign mail include the envelope as well. There are many dealers who collect foreign envelopes. Save the envelopes of domestic mail postmarked prior to 1946 too.


In addition to stamps, we also accept baseball cards, coin collections, Box Tops for Education; picture postcards and government postal cards in their entirety; old and new covers of philatelic value; historical paper including photographs, documents, prints, autographs, etc. Do not remove stamps from very old letters, as the envelopes and letters can have considerable value. Greeting cards, birthday cards, Valentines, etc. from the early 1900s are also very valuable.


Send your stamps and other collectibles to:

Earl Walker/Quaker Missions West

650 Harrison Ave.

Claremont, CA 91711


If you have questions, you can call Earl at 909-638-6764.