"Empowering Women: Affecting Generations"

Right Sharing of World Resources is a Quaker micro-credit organization that supports grassroots income-generating projects in developing countries, led by women, many of whom are making less than a dollar a day.

Building Partnerships

SiobhanWhen you meet Siobhan Walshe from Eustace Street Friends Meeting in Dublin, Ireland, the first thing you notice is that she radiates joyful energy. Siobhan and her small Quaker meeting of approximately 30 members have raised funds to sponsor four Right Sharing of World Resources projects. It all started when Siobhan traveled to Kenya in 2012 for the 6th World Conference of Friends. There she went on a field trip to visit the local Right Sharing projects. Siobhan says: “We met 12 groups in total and visited 30 individual businesses … ranging from selling bundles of firewood, cereals and vegetables, mushroom farming, raising poultry or livestock, to dressmaking, knitting, or banana fiber handcraft. Everywhere we were greeted with heart-warming welcomes and great hospitality.

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Eustace Street Friends’ Sponsored Projects

Eustace #1

Lokirimo friends Women Group, which is located in the remote Turkana region of Kenya, received their funds in July 2015. Lokirimo Friends Women Group decided to start something to sustain themselves for a longer time. Shown above are some members of the group in front of a rental house their group is building.

Eustace #2

Elizabeth has a 5th grade education. She had been losing money selling charcoal. With her RSWR grant she began a business selling used clothing. Once a month, she travels 7 hours one way by bus to the nearest “big” city to buy clothing in bulk. She resells it for almost twice the cost in her sidewalk stall in Lodwar. Elizabeth has a husband and a 2-year-old. In the monthly meetings of her women’s group she is learning to manage her business finances, save regularly and use the bank. 

Eustace Street Friends’ Sponsored Projects cont.

Eustace #4

Avakali Vo Vulavu Women Group received a grant in July 2014. Mama Rose (right) sells handmade soda ash filters in her stall along
with dried fish, beans and other household items.

Matioli friends Women Group received their RSWR grant in January 2013. Jen (above) was unable to send her 6 children to school because of required school fees. Then, as a member of the Matioli Women’s Group, she received a micro-loan to start a business selling charcoal, vegetables and fingerling fish. Her husband is a farmer, so she will sell his vegetables when they are harvested. Now she buys a few onions and tomatoes to attract buyers. Her additional income is enough to send all her children to school.

Mugunga friends Women Group also received their RSWR grant in January 2013. Here the women are working in their community garden in April 2014.

Eustace #3