Empowering Women. Affecting generations.

A RSWR project partner in India with the buried pots of panchakavya, a natural herbicide/pesticide/fertilizer made with milk, ghee (butter), cow urine, cow dung, and coconut fibers. Panchakavya is widely used in the type of small-scale, organic agriculture projects which RSWR supports.


Below are current or recently completed projects funded by RSWR.  Click on the name of the NGO below to learn more about each project. To see project reports and stories of beneficiaries, click on some of the older projects at the bottom of the table.


We ask that you prayerfully lift the work of these courageous individuals.  If you feel led to contribute to projects like these, you can make a donation.


Group Name

Date Approved


Grant Amount

 6 month report

 One year report

Beneficiary stories

 People’s Action Service Society Fall 2016  Pottery products, Banana fiber rope making, Banana vending, Banana leaf vending $4,475
 Society for Women Education and Economic Thrust Fall 2016  Vegetable vending, Rice flour vending, Tailoring, Petty shops, Flower vending $4,600
 Society for Women Empowerment  Fall 2016  Dairy cows $4,475
 Vasantham Pengal Sangam  Fall 2016  Thatch making, Cover sheets, Coir rope, Flower vending $4,475
Rural Action for Social Empowerment Trust  Fall 2016  Paper covers and bags, Coconut vending, Ironing cart, Flour grinding, Broom making  $4,075
Marutham Trust Fall 2016  Candy sales, Tailoring, Cooked food sales, Vegetable vending, Fish vending  $4,700
Grama Reconstruction and Extensive Action Trust Fall 2016  Cooked food sales, Petty shops, Tea shops, Fruit vending $4,100
Social Welfare Empowerment and Education Trust Fall 2016 Petty shops, Vegetable vending, Tailoring, Goat rearing, Masala powder preparation $5,450
 People’s Educational Awareness Service Trust Fall 2016  Flower vending, Fruit vending, Bamboo basket making, Thatch making, Tailoring $4,700
Rural Woman’s Development Trust  Fall 2016  Cotton hand glove sewing $5,050
Grace Trust Fall 2016  Tailoring and embroidery, Vegetable and fruit vending, Readymade clothes sales, Ghee, butter and milk sales, Papadam (snack crackers) making $5,500
Women’s Voice Trust – updated 3-17 Spring 2016  Brick Kiln $4,800 X X
Aruna Trust – updated 3-17  Spring 2016  Vending of milk value-added products $4,000 X X
Karunai Vizhigal Samooga Vizhippunarvu Sevai Trust  Spring 2016  Thatch making, Flower weaving, Rice vending, Idly, dosa and aappam vending, Vegetable vending, Fruit vending, Petty shops, Rice grinding $4,900
Rural Women Development Organisation – updated 4-17 Spring 2016  10 Income-generating projects chosen by the women themselves $4,550  X
 Multipurpose Association for Rural Upliftment Technology and Human Integrity – updated 4-17  Spring 2016  Mini snack stalls, Vegetable vending, Ironing carts, Tailoring  $3,875  X X
 Society for Rural Health and Development Project-updated 6-17  Spring 2016  Mini snacks outlets,
Vegetable vending, Rice vending, Fruit vending
$4,250 X X
People’s Educational and Economic Development Society-updated 3-17 Spring 2016  Papaya vending, Guava vending, Coconut thatch making, Greens vending, Fish vending  $3,650 X X
Community Organization for Women-updated 4-17 Spring 2016  Thatch making, Vegetable vending, Coconut vending, Paper bag making, Milk and milk product vending  $4,200 X X
 Rural Health Development Center-updated 3-17 Spring 2016  Flower vending, Thatch making, Vegetable vending, Home-based refreshment vending $3,725 X X
Association for Social Solidarity and Empowerment Training – updated 6-17 Spring 2016  Vegetable and fruit vending, Flower vending, Petty shops $4,425  X  X X
Society for Social Service – updated 2-17 Spring 2016  Dairy cows $4,550 X X
Jana Priya Seva Samithi Spring 2016  Vegetable vending,
Petty shops, Fish sales, sari sales, Empty bottle business,
 Bharathi Pengal Nala Samgam  Fall 2015 Rice/wheat grinding, Handloom weaving, Vegetable shops, Tailoring, Textiles vending, Fancy things vending  $4,275
 Rural Organisation for Social Emancipation Trust Fall 2015 Charcoal preparation and sales, Vegetable retail shop, Dry fish preparation and sales, Small snacks outlet $4,150
 Sri Hari Association for Rural Programmes Fall 2015 Tailoring, Petty shops, Vegetable sales, Cloth vending $3,825
Pasumai Ulagam Trust – updated 3-17 Fall 2015 Mat weaving, Millets food carts, Vegetable vending $4,000 X X
Time Organization – updated February 2017  Fall 2015  Various vending activities #4,200  X X  X
 Rural Organization for Action and Development Fall 2015  Coconut vending, Palm fruits vending, Palm sugar candy, Flower vending $3,700
 Adarsha Women Development Society Fall 2015  Tailoring and sari cloth vending  $4,525
 Social Integrated Rural Development Society – updated 11-16 Fall 2015  Dairy $4,025  X X
Sharon Society of Pondicherry – updated 2-17 Fall 2015  Door and floor mat production $4,125  X  X X
 Social Welfare Education Economic Trust-updated October 2016 Fall 2015  Fish & dry fish vending, Hot cereal carts $4,725 X X
 Society for Enlightenment and Empowerment Fall 2015  Fruit and vegetable vending
Small grocery shops
Fish vending
Nalvalvu Trust – updated 3-17  Spring 2015  Coconut vending, Vegetable vending, Greens vending, Thatch and broom making $3,875 X X X
Rural Organization for Oppressed Folk – updated 1-17 Spring 2015  Tailoring, Ready-made clothes sales, Rice sales, Fancy goods sales $5,300 X  X X
 Winner Youth Club – updated 10-16 Spring 2015 Door and floor mat production $3,675  X X X
 Kalanjiam Trust – updated 12-16 Spring 2015  Organic agriculture, Vegetable vending, Milk value-added products $3,700 X  X
 Children Watch – updated 12-16 Spring 2015  Charcoal making and fuel wood cutting $4,775 X X X
 Sustainable Association for Implementation of Livelihood Spring 2015  Various food vending, Fancy items vending, Cloth and garment vending $3,750
 Dr. Gordon Memorial Trust – updated 7-16  Spring 2015  Mirudanga (Indian drum) making, Tailoring, Clothing resale, Petty shops, Fancy jewelry $4,275 X X  X

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