Micro-Credit Religious Education Curriculum


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Putting Our Faith to Work

How Friends are using Micro-Enterprise

To Reduce Poverty and Human Suffering

In the World

A Quaker Religious Education Curriculum

for Children and Youth


Produced for

Right Sharing of World Resources

By Jackie Speicher

Assisted by Sarah Northrop

Richmond, Indiana

April 2013






How to Use This Curriculum

About the Authors

Session One

We Live in an Unjust (Unfair) World

Session Two

What are Quakers Doing About Poverty and Economic Injustice in the World?

Session Three

What Can WE do to Help the Poor as Jesus Did Long Ago?

Session Four

Getting to Know Our Indian and African Neighbors

Session Five

Inviting our Whole Meeting/Church to Join Us in Doing Something to Help the Poor

Session Six

Hosting an All-Meeting Event

Closing Remarks

Thank You and Photo Permission Sheet





Click here to download and print the full curriculum in a pdf version.