Books and Movies we Recommend



Here are some of our favorite books and films for adults with the theme of world inequity and sharing and caring for others:


Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, published in 2009 by Random House.

Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn write about women in Africa and Asia struggling with cultural, social and economic discrimination, including a Cambodian teenager sold into sex slavery and an Ethiopian woman who suffered devastating injuries in childbirth. They show how a little help can transform the lives of women and girls abroad. That Cambodian girl eventually escaped from her brothel and, with assistance from an aid group, built a thriving retail business that supports her family. The Ethiopian woman had her injuries repaired and in time became a surgeon. A Zimbabwean mother of five, counseled to return to school, earned her doctorate and became an expert on AIDS.

This was also a PBS documentary. The DVD can be purchased through the PBS bookstore.

Material World, by Peter Menzel, published in 1995 by the Sierra Club.

Several photographers traveled to thirty nations around the globe to live for a week with families that were statistically average for that nation. At the end of each visit, the photographer took a picture of the family members outside their home, surrounded by all of their possessions— ranging from a few jars and jugs to an overabundance of electronic and other modern paraphernalia. This book puts a human face on the issues of population, environment, social justice, and consumption as it illuminates the crucial question facing our species today: Can all six billion of us have all the things we want?

What the World Eats, by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio, published in 2008 by Tricycle Press.

Every day, millions of families around the world gather–at the table or on the floor, in a house or outdoors–to eat together. Ever wondered what a typical meal is like on the other side of the world? Or next door? Cultural geographers Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio visited twenty-five families in twenty-one countries to create this fascinating look at what people around the world eat in a week. Meet a family that spends long hours hunting for seal and fish together; a family that raises and eats guinea pigs; a family that drinks six gallons of Coca-Cola a week. In addition to profiles of each family, What the World Eats includes photo galleries and illustrated charts about fast food, safe water, life expectancy, literacy rates, and more!


Due Diligence by David Roodman, published in 2012 by the Center for Global Development.

An inquiry into the history, operation, and effectiveness of microfinance and microcredit.

World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, by John Hunter, published in 2013

In John Hunter’s classroom, students fearlessly tackle global problems and discover surprising solutions by playing his groundbreaking World Peace Game. These kids, from high school all the way down to fourth grade, take on the roles of politicians, tribal leaders, diplomats, bankers, and military commanders. Through battles and negotiations, standoffs and summits, they strive to resolve dozens of complex, seemingly intractable real-world challenges, from nuclear proliferation to tribal warfare, financial collapse to climate change. In his new book, World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, Hunter shares the wisdom he’s gleaned from over thirty years teaching the World Peace Game. Here he reveals the principles of successful collaboration that people of any age can apply anywhere.


Film: World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements, directed by Chris Farina

More recommendations:


Ross and Gloria Kinsler, The Biblical Jubilee and the Struggle for Life (Orbis, 1999)


Richard Lowry, Sabbath and Jubilee (Chalice Press, 2000)


Ched Myers, The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics, published by Church of the Saviour in Washington DC. Call 202-387-1617 for copies.


Sharon Ringe, Jesus, Liberation, and the Biblical JubileeFortress Press.


Maria Harris, Proclaim Jubilee! (Westminster/John Knox Press.


Abraham Heschel, The SabbathFarrar Straus Giroux. A classic and prophetic statement of the meaning of the ancient teaching for our modern world, written by one of the spiritual leaders of our century shortly after World War II.


Arthur Waskow, Godwrestling — Round 2Jewish Lights Publishing of Woodstock, VT.


André Trocmé, Jesus and the Nonviolent RevolutionHerald Press. Trocmé helped organize French peasants who provided refuge to Jews and other refugees during the Nazi occupation. Also a Biblical scholar and a Secretary of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, he was one of the first to propose Jesus’ ministry being rooted in the Jubilee.


John Howard Yoder, The Politics of Jesus2nd edition, Eerdmans. Yoder, a Mennonite, picked up on Trocmé’s theory of Jesus and the Jubilee and presented it to a much wider audience


Ched Myers and Elaine Enns, Ambassadors of Reconciliation, Volume One: New Testament Reflections on Restorative Justice and Peacemaking, Orbis Press.


Stephen Green, Good Value: Reflections on Money, Morality, and an Uncertain World, Atlantic Monthly Press.

Douglas A. Hicks, Money Enough: Everyday Practices for Living Faithfully in the Global Economy, Jossey-Bass.


Doris Janzen Longacre, Living More with Less (30th Anniversary Edition), Herald Press.


Norman Wirzba, Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight, Brazos Press.


Michael Schut, Money & Faith: the search for enoughMorehouse Publishing.


Chuck Collins and Mary Wright, The Moral Measure of the EconomyOrbis Books.


Judith Favor, A Spiritual Guide to Sabbath EconomicsWasteland Press.


Matthew Colwell, Sabbath Economics: Household PracticesBartemeaus Cooperative Ministries.


Peter Brown and Geoffrey Garver, Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy.


David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy.


Richard J. Foster, Freedom of Simplicity.


Catherine Whitmire, Plain Living: A Quaker Path To Simplicity.


Elaine Prevallet, Reflections On SimplicityPendle Hill Pamphlet 244.


Christopher Holdsworth, Steps In A Large Room: A Quaker Explores The Monastic Tradition.


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, God’s Economy: Redefining the Health and Wealth Gospel.


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, The New Monastics.


Jennie Ratcliffe, Integrity, Ecology, And Community: The Motion Of Love, Pendle Hill Pamphlet 403.


David Korten, Agenda for a New Economy.


David Orrell, The Other Side Of The Coin.


Judith Favor, A Spiritual Guide To Sabbath Economics.