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Hello, we are RSWR

Hello we are RSWR video

A 13-minute video about Right Sharing, accompanied by our RSWR video study guide.


Bakery video

The loan this woman received from an RSWR grant enabled her to start a bakery. Her market research revealed that there was a very good market among the many nearby schools that allowed her to sell her nutritious bakery products. This business initiative has been so successful that her new dilemma is meeting the demand; her supply is not enough to meet the demand of other schools that want her product. Our challenge at RSWR is to determine how we can help women who are succeeding so well with their business endeavor go to ‘the next level’.

Hair Salon

Hair salon video
This video is about a woman in Kenya who built a successful hair salon from her micro loan. She has been in business for five years and works seven days a week, from 8 AM to 9 PM. She takes off only on Sunday mornings, to go to church. She sees herself working this hard to make sure her business grows and is a success. She has dreams for herself, and her daughter. You will be inspired by her engaging determination.

Climatic Change

Climatic change video
This Kenyan woman talks about how climate change impacts her small business and how the support of the women’s groups enriches everybody.

Kenya 2012-Samson Ababu, RSWR Field Representative

Samson video
Samson Ababu, RSWR Field Representative, addresses a women’s group in the Turkana region of Kenya. Dry and barren, Turkana borders war weary Sudan and lack of water is problematic. These women make beautiful baskets and have several other sustainable projects related to food production, firewood and fish…..but they are hundreds of walking miles away from the larger market regions of Kenya. However, they have a plan that involves tapping into the eco-tourists in search of an adventure holiday who travel to the salt lake near their community of Kalokol. Samson is explaining the purpose of Right Sharing. This is an inspiring video that speaks of the work of Right Sharing as the “gospel of service……and peace…….sharing among friends.”
MVI 8003

Sabbath Economics Potluck, Lexington KY

Sabbath economics potluck video
This is a clip from a “Sabbath Economics” discussion potluck in Lexington, KY. The night featured a talk from respected educator, Will O’Brien. Go to to learn more about this event.

Vokoli Project (Kenya)

Vokoli project video
Jen Walker and George Kegode traveled to Kenya in 2008 to learn more about current and past partner projects. In this clip, the leader describes the evolution of her project: She had originally planned to raise broiler chickens, but it was not profitable, so she quickly switched to “layers”, or egg-producing chickens. Once she saved enough money from egg sales, she sold her chickens and bought a cow, which produced a calf. She sells the milk, and with the money she earned, she also started a small garden. She sells the produce to the local school and hospital on contract, so her market is fairly secure.

Senende (Kenya)

Senende video
Project partner, Senende Friends Women Group has been creating innovative projects to solve many problems their village faces. In this video, Mary shows their collective nursery project, where they raise native and edible trees and perennials for sale within their village. In addition to the group project, the video shows some of the women’s individual projects: vegetable raising, chicken rearing (layers and broilers), vegetable vending, and brickmaking. The audio is the Senende Women’s group singing a welcome to Right Sharing visitors. Photos and sounds gathered by Jen Walker.

India Sound Collage

India sound collage video
This is a collection of images taken from site visits in South India with sounds of the place, in the background.