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Gratitude Calendars for Young Friends and Adults


Simple Meal

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Food Sharing Game 


This is a game for young children ages 5-8.  It follows a common board game format for children, where you throw a die and move around the board collecting items and taking them to your home space.  However, this game has a twist to it.  Unlike most games where you only look out for yourself and “winning” means getting the most for yourself at the expense of others, this game encourages sharing and helping others, and “winning” means that everyone has enough.

To print your own Food Sharing Game, please download and print the following files:

Food Sharing Game Instructions

Food Sharing Game Board

The Graham Cracker Game

graham_crackersThis simulation game gives participants a feel for world inequity, both in terms of space and the distribution of world resources. The game is fun to play in a large group of any make-up. You can use it in older children’s Sunday School classes, adult Sunday School classes, youth groups, and inter-generational groups. There should be at least 15 people in the group. It takes about an hour to play but could take longer depending on how involved the post-game discussion gets.  Download the Graham Cracker Game

Micro-credit: A Game for 5 Players or More

This is a role-playing game. For each player, there is a set of situation cards. Based on the situation, the group steps into roles and decides what they would do in this situation. Before beginning the game, each person chooses which role to play. It is a good idea for each to choose a name for their character. To print your own instructions and game cards, you will need to download all of the following files:

Microcredit Game Directions Cards

Husband of Woman 5

Inventive Schoolboy

Representative of the NGO


Woman 1 Cards

Woman 2 Cards

Woman 3 Cards

Woman 4 Cards

Woman 5 Cards

Ten Chairs of Global Inequity Game


This is a simulation game for 10 people that explore issues of wealth distribution. Click here to download and print the game.

Right Sharing Game


This board game is for children and youth from third grade up. It is an excellent cooperative board game that promotes understanding of the economic inequities which exist between developed and developing nations. Through play, students consider solutions to these inequities. Players move toward a Right Sharing World in which sustainable local economies are supported by self-help projects, simple living and conservation.

This game must be ordered from Right Sharing of World Resources.  Be sure to order it well in advance of the date that you will need it to be sure it is available.  You can order the game by calling the RSWR office at 765-966-0314 or e-mail Sarah Northrop, Program Director, at [email protected]