Donor Designated Projects


Individuals and groups can support a specific RSWR project!

How it works:
Donors who wish to support a specific project may choose from the list of projects that have been approved by the RSWR Board of Directors, or you may tell us a country or type of project that you would like to support and we will select it for you. There is an abundance of approved applications and we need your help to fund them all! The Board meets twice a year, in April and October, and approves projects for funding at that time. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting a project.

Supporters of specific projects will receive a copy of the six-month and one-year progress reports from your project. These reports give you direct insight into how you are making a difference in someone’s life. Depending on the technological capabilities of the group, you may also receive pictures and other communications from the project recipients. You are invited to send pictures and other communications back to the group as well. However, all communication between you and the project should come through RSWR – this protects both donor and recipients from unrealistic expectations of each other.

The cost of funding a specific project is approximately $6,500. This includes the grant amount and most of the cost for training and support given by in-country staff. For $6500 we will match you with your own project, for 50% or $3250 we will find a project for you to share. Because of timing for training newly funded projects, the sooner we know of your interest the better. When the details are worked out in advance, the project can be selected and training can begin quickly after projects are approved at the board meeting.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or 765-966-0314.