Who We Work With (and How)

Right Sharing of World Resources works with the assistance of field representatives in Kenya, Sierra Leone and south India. We invite groups from these areas to prepare and send proposals requesting seed money to begin a micro-enterprise program.

Proposals must include a clear description of an income-generating activity which will improve the quality of life for project participants detailing:

  • The number of participants
  • Anticipated income and expenses related to each component of the project
  • Loan repayment plan for the seed money for each participant. This must include the participant agreed-upon interest rate and the schedule of repayment (principle and interest).
  • An explanation of how the work can become self-supporting or can find local sources of support after RSWR funding ends.

The projects must be compatible with the three principles which guide the work of RSWR:

  1. Local Self-Reliance – Economies, to the extent possible, should be locally-based. Production would be geared toward local consumption.
  2. Sustainability – Economies should be sustainable in a number of ways including environmental, fiscal, social, political, and cultural. Economies should serve the community.
  3. Mutual Support and Accountability – Beneficiaries must be part of a group which offers support and accountability to its members.

Our board of trustees meet twice a year with program staff to review and make decisions about grant applications, plan program work and set policy. In approving a proposal, RSWR enters into a covenantal agreement among RSWR, the group, and members of the group. In this covenantal agreement, RSWR understands that partnership benefits participants mutually.

RSWR and its supporters offer material resources, and our testimonies of peace, simplicity, equality, and integrity. Project partners offer experience and expertise working with the poor, a vision of community, and a commitment to peace and justice. Together, we can create the world of peace and justice that God desires.