Board of Trustees

 RSWR 2016-2017 Board

Left to right:

Douglas Smith, Donna Anderton, Bruce Birchard, Mary Eagleson, Yvette Shipman, Linnea Wang (no longer on Board), David Camp (no longer on Board), Marian Beane, Beth Henricks, Elizabeth Reuthe, Chris Siegler, Nilufer Wilkins

Pictures missing:

 Max Carter, Francesca Costantino, Carol Anne Ferlauto, David K. Leonard, Rachel Madenyika, Sally Weaver Sommer

Bruce Birchard (Presiding Clerk), Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Mary Eagleson (Recording Clerk), New York Yearly Meeting
Chris Siegler, (Treasurer), Christian
Donna Anderton, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Marian Beane, Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Yearly Meeting
Max Carter, North Carolina FUM
Francesca Costantino, Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Carol Anne Ferlauto, New York Yearly Meeting
Beth Henricks, Western Yearly Meeting
David K. Leonard,  Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Rachel Madenyika New York Yearly Meeting
Elizabeth Reuthe, New England Yearly Meeting
Yvette Shipman, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting
Douglas Smith, Pacific Yearly Meeting
Sally Weaver Sommer,  Lake Erie Yearly Meeting
Nilufer Wilkins, Southeastern Yearly Meeting

If you’re interested in serving on the Right Sharing of World Resources Board of Trustees, please contact the RSWR office at 765-966-0314 or [email protected].