Attend “The Power of Enough” Workshop with RSWR

Posted on Jan 29, 2018

Do you:

  • Have faith that God has given us an abundance of all we need (time, energy, skills) to do the work we are called to do?
  • Struggle to keep balanced and centered because you take on more than you are called to do?
    Faithfully make space for God to act in the work you’ve been given?
  • Have too many things cluttering your life?

General Secretary Jackie Stillwell will be offering a workshop on “The Power of Enough” at Powell House at 524 Pitt Hall Rd, Old Chatham, NY, March 23-25, 2018.

Participants will experience new perspectives through queries, storytelling, games, and singing. Attendees will leave with a deeper sense of self and connection to how our personal choices ripple forward to others.

For more information about pricing and registration, visit the Powell House website. The Albany, NY airport is the closest to Powell House.