Celebrating 50 Years of Love and Partnership

Posted on Jul 12, 2017

As I stood to speak at our 50th anniversary celebration in April, there were tears in my eyes and my heart was bursting open with the abundance of God’s love and generosity flowing through the room. The early dream of Right Sharing of World Resources, born at the 1967 FWCC World Gathering, has succeeded beyond imagination. All the love that was palpable in the room that night has been rippling forth and multiplying in the world throughout the last 50 years.

This love and the commitment to share are the essence of Right Sharing. It is the foundation that grounds our next fifty years and beyond. The support and generosity of our donors, coupled with the diligence of our partners, enable profound transformation in the communities we serve.

I experienced some of the fruits of this transformation when I visited the Rural Women’s Development Trust (RWDT) in Tamil Nadu, India, in 2016. This tiny NGO received four Right Sharing grants from 2008 to 2014. The total amount granted was $14,426. These grants initially served 113 women in 4 Self-Help groups. Today the funds have been repaid and revolved to assist 36 Self-Help groups in 45 villages to benefit approximately 3800 people!

The resiliency of these marginalized women is outstanding. Their income has more than doubled, they are gaining new skills and respect at home and in the community, their children remain in school and pursue higher education, and they are no longer working in the tobacco industry or as indentured laborers without hope for a free life. They are deeply grateful for the affirmation, seed money, and educational support of RSWR.

Thank you for sharing your love to support and serve so many. It is a powerful force for change and good in the world. I am awed by the recognition that, if we could do so much with such a small beginning, our possibilities for the future are infinite.

With God’s abundant love,
Jacqueline Stillwell
General Secretary