Cultivating Seeds

Posted on May 12, 2017

How do the seeds planted with our partners in Sierra Leone grow and touch people’s lives?

Jackie with an elder of Tepetok Disadvantaged Group

In January I visited Sierra Leone in sub-Saharan Africa to learn how those seeds are tended and grow. Right Sharing Field Representative Sallian Sankoh accompanied me, as I witnessed first-hand RSWR projects in a land recovering from civil war and a recent Ebola outbreak.

Right Sharing grants plant seeds of encouragement for women to enter into the work of self-empowerment in Kenya, Sierra Leone, and southern India. In Sierra Leone, RSWR projects reach throughout the country to include many places where no other NGO is willing to go because of remote locations and lack of facilities.

The marginalized women with whom we partner are smart, hard working, and tenacious. They may be marginalized because of class, economic or social situation such as widowhood, or geographical isolation. Together, they become a strong community.

Sallian Sankoh

After visiting 24 projects and hundreds of women, it was difficult to choose only a few stories to share with you. I heard tales of how the RSWR seed money and the presence of Sallian facilitated invaluable opportunities for women to have open conversations and learn together. In addition to support in learning business skills, women expressed appreciation for opportunities to address issues of specific concern to them, such as health, education, and family.

They spoke of challenges — lack of water, grubs attacking the plants, obtaining land, saving when there was little profit, unexpected illness — and they related how they have benefitted by being able to call upon Sallian for essential advice and training. Their lives have been touched by increased incomes, access to education and health resources, and greater respect in family and community relationships.  

Jackie and Sallian join Sierra Leone women to create community and partnership

Thank you for your part in providing the seeds for these women to nourish. With educational opportunities, affirmation, and seed funds, our partners become exponentially effective in transforming the quality of their own lives and that of the community around them.

With God’s abundant love,

Jacqueline Stillwell, General Secretary