What can you get using lime juice and fermented hard-boiled eggs?

tsrtorganic-pesticide-with-limes-1If you said “a terrible smell,” you’d be absolutely right ‒ but more importantly, you can make organic pesticides! When I was in India visiting Right Sharing projects in February, I had the opportunity to attend a training for the women of the Trust for Sustainable Resource Development (TSRD). TSRD works to restore natural and sustainable farm practices to the region of India where they work and live, and do so using organic, locally-sourced resources for fertilizer and pesticide. It was a great joy to be present at the training, and to see the ways in which Right Sharing not only works to empower women, but also to engage practices that are in right relationship with the earth.

Thanks go to you for sharing your abundance to make this work possible! Look on the next page for a financial summary of how your gifts have been stewarded to support right sharing of world resources and empowerment of women and communities. I know from my recent visits to Kenya and India that hundreds of women are gratefully experiencing transformation through RSWR. The heart of this transformation is best reflected in the stories of individual women, so we have included a few of these stories for you in this annual report.

Did you know that in 2017 RSWR will celebrate 50 years of working for equity through partnership with our sisters and brothers throughout the world? We embrace this work joyfully, as we continue to listen for God’s call, striving to understand and strengthen our partnerships to create totsrtwoman-with-organic-pesticide-fretilizer-1gether a more just and healthy world. We are implementing practices to provide better reporting for increased understanding, accountability, and evaluation. We are researching ways to enhance training and support for loan recipients to enable greater success and transformation in the quality of their lives. We are also working at home to provide opportunities to explore spiritually the burdens of materialism and the blessings of right relationship.

Your contributions support the sustainable agriculture of TSRD and the good work of other RSWR partners. Let’s celebrate these successes together, and give generously for future partners. Your gifts mean more trainings, more stinky organic pesticide, and more lives changed.

With God’s abundant love,
Jacqueline Stillwell, General Secretary


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