Educational Resources

We are happy to provide access to relevant educational materials, as well as resources for talks and fundraising activities on behalf of Right Sharing of World Resources.


Children’s Resources

Books for Children
Religious Education Curriculum
Gratitude Calendar for Young Friends
Children’s Right Sharing Powerpoint


Adult Resources

Book and Movies We Recommend
Simplicity Workshop
Walking a While in Their Skin
Sabbath Economics
Sermons and Talks
Sabbath Economics
Who is my Neighbor?
How Much is Enough?


Activities for All Ages

Gratitude Calendars for Young Friends and Adults
Simple Meal
Simplify Life Garage Sale
Garage Sale Spirituality
Simplify Life Sale Testimony
How to do it
Graham Cracker Game
Food Sharing Game
Right Sharing Game



Right Sharing Videos
Right Sharing Powerpoint 2000
Right Sharing Powerpoint 2012
Children’s Right Sharing Powerpoint


Please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event.