Project Report Forms

Right Sharing expects that our grant recipient partners send us project reports at six month and one year intervals. These reports help us to see the work of our partners and to report back to our donors.

Reporting forms

Please complete the 6 month form six months after your project is implemented and the one year form at the completion of your project period (or annually if your project is for more than one year).

Please return the forms to:

Sarah Northrop, Program Director, RSWR, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, IN 47374

We also appreciate pictures of your project at work.  However, when you send pictures and/or stories of project partners, we ask that you obtain permission from the person to use their information on RSWR’s website.  Please inform RSWR that you have obtained such permission.

Finally, accept our thanks. Without the dedicated work of partners such as you, we could not do what we are called to do. Together, we can build the world of peace and justice that God desires.